Frank Pochyly was born November 21, 1966 in the tiny town of Ash in what is now known as the Czech Republic. In 1969 the Pochyly family left their apartment and belongings in Frantiskovy Lazne and defected to Canada. They first resided amongst the beautiful surroundings of Oak Bay, Vancouver Island and then moved to Burnaby, BC.

Frank is a self-taught artist. However, he is quick to point out that his father, having received many years of formal art training and a University Degree in Architecture from Czechoslovakia, has passed some of this training down, not to mention his inherent artistic talent. He says his father’s artistic work and instruction has been a great influence on him and has encouraged him to seek his own style of art.

One of his first creative endeavors was to design and manufacture his own line of skiwear, featuring “bright and bold lines and colours of the mid-80”s”. Today he uses similar bright and strong colours and has developed a definite style. He has shown his work in galleries in Vancouver and other parts of the Lower Mainland and received and Award of merit at Innovations ’97 at Place Des Arts.

During his mid twenties, Frank went through an artistically unproductive period which he reflects as “a time when the desire to pursue any artistic goals just wasn’t there, being curiously uninspired”. Although he did produce the odd painting, it wasn’t until he traveled back to Europe in 1993 that his enthusiasm was rekindled. In Paris, Frank had the opportunity to see an abundance of master works. He was especially amazed by Picasso, Cézanne and Van Gogh.

Another highlight was returning to the Czech Republic with his father after twenty-five years since they had escaped the country. Frank viewed some of his father’s best work that had been left behind. It inspired and motivated him. He also had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with some famous artists: among the Rychlik, an actor and Zabransky, a painter. When he was there he was surrounded by such an immense amount of creativity and art that he could not just leave it behind.

Upon his return home he purchased some canvases and paint and hasn’t stopped painting since. Frank discovered a loose style of painting when he painted his Bubble People Series and has expanded from this work. He remembers feeling that “each piece was a celebration of a passion lost and then found”.

He lives in Coquitlam with his wife, Kelly and 2 Kids feels his life has been greatly enhanced by having the opportunity to be creative. He sends words of advice in a poem:

If you’ve lost your desire for culture, art or anything.
You must go where it thrives and surrounds you.
Make this place your home